Swim with Dolphinin in Miyake island Japan 
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Dolphin Swimming

Participation condition: 10 years old or older. You can not use a mask that covers the entire face. 
Dolphin parent and child
Dolphin parent and child
Dolphin swimming flow (example)
It may change depending on the weather etc.
Schedule example
The previous day
From Tokyo Takeshiba Pier. Ships heading for Miyake, Mikura and Hachijo will depart.Toukaikisen
First day
Arrive at Miyakejima Pick up
Have your own nap and breakfast at the inn.
Dolphin Swim Practice
12:00 lunch
Dolphin swimming 
After the swim, go to the hot spring
Arrive at inndinner at inn
2nd day
Around 7:00
午前 free(Second dolphin swimming etc
To the port of departure
Depart from Miyakejima
Dolphin swimming from Miyakejima
There is an island in Tokyo with over 100 wild dolphins.
Many snorkelers visit Miyake from all over Japan and from all over the world.
During cruising to Mizojima, you may encounter various creatures such as whales, dolphins, sea turtles, sharks, flying fish and sea birds.
Dolphin swimming Dolphin baby Dolphin swimming Dolphin swimming
Please read before making your reservation.
Please read before making your reservation.From Miyakejima Tourism Association)
You need to be able to swim well for activities in the open sea.
If you are participating in Dolphin Swim on Miyakejima for the first time, you need to participate in training.
It is mandatory to wear a wet suit in Dolphin Swim conducted at Miyakejima. You can also rent it.
Depending on the weather and sea conditions, tours may not be possible.
Please comtact us in advance if you have chronic illness.
It takes abut 40 minutes of one-way voyage by fishing bost to the sea near island where the dolphin's live.
※Our Dolphin Swimming Participation Conditions
Someone who has enough snorkeling experience and can ensure his safety in the open sea. Or who participated in our training course.
To enjoy dolphin swimming
・The sea where the dolphins live is around a large bay or an island without a cove.
・We try to swim in the shadows of the island as much as possible, but it may still be windy.
I・n order to swim the dolphin safely and comfortably, we recommend preliminary practice.
・If you can swim smoothly, you can enjoy a lot more to swim with the dolphins.
Also, if you swim with us in advance, we can guide you at ease.
・We apologize for the extra cost and time, but we recommend that you take part in advance practice.
Preparation before departure
Seasickness preventive agent (It may be difficult to buy depending on store business day and time).
Swimwear, change clothes (it is difficult to buy on the island)
Flip-flops, windproof / cold tools
If you have masks (underwater glasses), snorkels, fins (foot fins), wet suits, etc., it would be nice to bring something that you want to get used to.
 Written by Nobuhisa Ueda
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