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Activities on dolphins
Dolphin swimming  ¥14,000
Let's enjoy encounters with wild dolphins.
Dolphin swimming
You can see dolphins around Miyakejima in 40minutes by fishing boat from Miyakejima.
The doiphin swim requires mask,snorkel,fins,wet suits and diving boots. 
Dolphin Swiming Repeat Discount   ¥13,000
The dolphins show us different behavior each time.
Dolphin swimming
Applies from the second dolphin swimming within the year.
Please inform us of your participation date at the time of booking. 
Training for dolphin swimming    ¥3,000
Make your encounter with dolphins more fun and safer Training for dolphin swimming
Advice on snorkeling practice and playing with dolphins.
It is about 3 hours from the pickup.
There is a free daily rental fee for training and dolphin swimming on different days.
・ Please arrange Miyakejima round trip (Tokai Kisen / New Central Airlcervice) by yourself.
・Dolphin swimming participation condition: Person who has enough snorkeling experience and can secure oneself in the sea with waves. Or someone who has participated in our basic course.
・Conducting dolphin swimming requires at least six customers. 
Scuba Diving 
1beach   ¥6,500  1boat   ¥10,000~ Scuba Diving
2beach   ¥11,000  2boat ¥17,000~
3beach  ¥17,000  Night diving  ¥8,000
Rental fee
Rental gear
First time
Second and subsequent times
Rental gear
Dolphin swim full rental (wet suit, mask, snorkel, fins, boots)
 ¥2,600 ¥1,300
Wet suit  ¥1,300  ¥700 Rental gear
wet suit, mask, snorkel, fins, boots   each¥400 each¥200
Scuba diving full rental (Dolphin swim full rental + BC · Reg)
  ¥5,000  ¥2,500
BCD, regulator
 each¥1,500  each各¥800
Underwater light, diving computer
 each¥1,000   each各¥500
・ If you wish to rent equipment, please add the name, gender, and equipment to be borrowed.
 In the case of a wet suit → height, weight
 In the case of fins (foot fins) and boots → foot size
 Please let me know. 
Accommodation charges etc.
We will introduce you to the inn
Basic rates for inn
Includes 1 night and dinner and breakfast
one person
Busy season
one person
One room for one person>
 ¥8,500  ¥9,400
One room for two person
 ¥7,500 ¥8,400
One room for 3 person
¥7,500  ¥7,800
A nap break upon arrival (early check-in)
Breakfast on arrival
Arrival / departure port pick-up fee per person
Most inns are Japanese-style tatami rooms.
Written by Nobuhisa Ueda 
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