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Dolphin swim from Miyakejima, Tokyo. Diving in Miyakejima.

We welcome you to come to Miyakejima Is 

Miyakejima is about 180 km south of Tokyo.
It is an almost circular island, and the road around the island is about 30 km.
Due to the mild climate, summer temperatures exceed 30 °C in just a few days.
On volcanic islands surrounded by the sea, lava creates a unique landscape on land and in the sea.
Not only diving and dolphinsming, but also birds singing, sunsets and stars are great.
※To those who are worried about the volcano Volcano information (outside site)

Swim with dolphins in Mikurajima Is

The type of dolphin that you can see in swimming is called the .Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin
It is smaller than the dolphins often found in the aquarium.
Gray and white two-tone colors look very beautiful in the sea.
Enjoy the excitement that wild dolphins are approaching.
You may be able to make eye contact with each other. 

Diving in the ocean where the Kuroshio Current comes 

The sea of Miyakejima, where the Kuroshio Current, which is a large warm current, is frequently seen, is located at the northern end of the subtropical zone and is surrounded by the deep sea.
As a result, you can sometimes see colorful tropical fish, corals, and fish coming from the deep sea.
You can also enjoy the topography of the arches and steep walls created by the lava flow.
Leaving Tokyo at night, convenient access 
The main access to Miyakejima is a large ferryand a small plane.
In particular, a departs daily at 22:30 from Takeshiba Wharf in Tokyo (the nearest station is JR Hamamatsucho Station, etc.).
On weekends, we take a ferry on a Friday night and arrive the island the next morning.
We will arrive at Takeshiba Pier in Tokyo at 19:45 or 20:40 on Sunday.
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