Swim with Dolphins in Miyake island Japan. 
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Scuba Diving Price Reservation
Scuba Diving Dolphin Swimming
1 DIVE \6,480~ DOLPHIN SWIM PACK with accommodaion*1 \29,000
2 DIVES \10,800~ DOLPHIN SWIMMING*2 \14,000
3 DIVES \15,120~ SNORKELLING TOUR \3,700
2 BOAT DIVES \16,800
1 NIGHT DIVE \6,480
Dolphin swimming will be held from 6 people.

Cancellation fee
In the case of cancellation by the self-situation within two weeks from your
activity day, I require 10,000yen/person

DOLPHIN SWIM PACK with accommodation
What's included:A dolhpin swim, A snorkeling lesson, Snorkeling set full rental (wetsuit, mask, snorkel, fins and boots), Overnight accommodation (with two breakfast & one dinner), Pickup service, Half a day is free time.
Single use +1,000
4/29-5/7and8/1-8/20:surcharges of ¥1,300

*2 participant-requirements
The participant must have more than three times experience of snorkeling, has snorkel-clear skill and can swim in the deep ocean, (The participant can manage the troubles in the ocean by her/himself).
Or the participant needs to take the lesson
The participant has to wear wetsuit.
Rental fees(1Day)
Full rental for skin diving
(not include weight)
After the second day     \1,200
Full rental
for Scuba diving
After the second day     \2,430
BCD \1,400
Regulator setup \1,400
Wetsuit \1,200
Mask \350
Snorkel \350
Fins \350
Boots \350
Weight \350
Guided tour around Miyake island

Half a day tour
(about 3 hours)
One day tour
(about 7 hours)
*About payment
Please pay the fee in only cash of Japanese yen. 
Dolphin Club Miyakejima 
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TEL&FAX 04994-6-0996 
E-mail miyake@dolphin-club.jp 
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